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SPR News May 21, 2018

Yesterday Zeus, Peanut and Smiley

were adopted!

Last week this sweet puppy was brought to us with a suspected broken leg. After a visit to the vet it was discovered that not one but BOTH of this poor puppy's front feet have broken toes. Recovery will be difficult but he is in a wonderful foster home to monitor his progress.

This past month a concerned resident contacted us about a handful of feral and stray cats in an apartment complex. The resident informed us that each year many kittens are killed trying to cross the nearby busy road and while most of the residents enjoy caring for the cats, many had begun to complain about nuisance mating behaviors like spraying, yowling and fighting. We offered to TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) the adults and foster and adopt out any kittens. The resident contact there was eager to help and so far we have done 4 TNRs and taken in 7 kittens!


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