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We are exclusively a foster based rescue, which means all of our animals are placed into foster homes until they are adopted into their forever home. In their foster homes the adoptable animal is typically with other animals and learning to live in a home/family environment.  We know every animal is different and some may have special requirements for their forever home. Any requirements will be stated in the animal's description and shared with potential adopters by our volunteers. We try to find the BEST suited home for our animals. Just because one of our animals may not fit your home doesn't mean that we don't have one that will. Some of our animals take time to recover from their former life and our foster homes give them the time they need to learn to trust, basic commands, work on potty training and just be loved again before placement in their forever home.


*Spencer Pet Rescue requires all current animals living in the household to be spayed and/or neutered before adopting a pet into your home. We believe in the spay/neuter of animals at 6 months of age to prevent further pet overpopulation.

Please don't shop. Adopt from a local shelter near you!

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